Monday, May 24, 2010


Mmm, PopBar's handcrafted and customizable Gelato, Sorbetto, and Yogurt on a stick! How genius and wonderful! And so close to where I'm living this summer (in the West Village, NYC). I have a feeling my sweet tooth will thank me. Many thanks to Joy for introducing!


  1. oh my, this looks soo delicious! and the fact that it is customizable?? even better!!! mmm i could use a chocolate popsicle right now!!

  2. Hey Helen :)

    "The beauty of Chocolate"...and I'm not even a chocolate LOVER...but these just look Deeee-lightful! Thanks for the snack....

    Have a fab evening :)

  3. yummy! i had the gianduia, very creamy :-)


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