Monday, May 10, 2010

beautiful poetry chapbooks

These poetry chapbooks designed by Gabrielle Wilson are stunning. And their names are so intriguing -- Blue House, Ave Materia, I want to read them all pretty please.

Also, guilty pleasure: making to-read lists while browsing through the Book Cover Archive, aka a literature nerd's porn. (What? It's true!) That's where I found these gems, and aren't they awesome? The site also conveniently links to Amazon book reviews, for those of you who don't choose books solely by their eye-catching covers. (Which I must confess to... sometimes.) Can't wait to share with you my official summer book list soon! What will you be reading?


  1. Hey Helen :)

    They're nice. I'm about to read a book name; (I know I'm going to get the title WRONG - and it's not even by me) Autumn????

    I'll have to find it, and repost. Hope you're having a lovely day, it's VERY rainy on my end.


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