Saturday, February 13, 2010

film to see: a single man

Since I think Colin Firth is one of the most fascinating and flexible of actors, I am pining to see A Single Man. Firth has such an open and sincere face, so watching him is always so entrancing. I'm positive that his performance as a man coping with the loss of his partner will be unlike any other. And with Firth's Oscar nomination for "Best Actor" this year, aren't you curious to see for yourself (if you haven't already)?

“I like to try to do what I think people really do, which is emote their thoughts and feelings without indicating all over the place." -- Colin Firth

I am so intrigued by everything about film -- the complex relationships between four dynamic, emotionally-charged characters (including the gorgeous Julianne Moore); the directorial debut of Tom Ford, king of style and aesthetic pleasure; the film's incredible composition and cinematography; and of course, the acting. The trailer looks so great, I'm going to see it this weekend for sure!


  1. It is SO good, beautifully shot. Very Tom Ford. And Colin Firth definitely deserves his Oscar nom. Go see!

  2. Ummm, it's very mysterious and intriguing. Other films (also nominated for Oscars) Julie & Julia....veryyy good. But I love anything directed by Nora Ephron :) !

  3. Helen GO! I JUST saw this yesterday (it is meant to be my blog post for Monday!) and it is amazing. Not for everyone, very artistic. But Tom Ford did a wonderful job, his attention to details are SPOT on. So many wonderful messages in this film. COlin Firth was incredible and that is a serious understatement.

    I'll be writing Monday about it!
    xxx Have a great weekend! (Thanks for your kind words on my cards!)

  4. you really made me interested in the movie. Have to check it out

  5. I love both Julianne and Colin so much! It does look a little too sad for me but I'm sure it's wonderful.

  6. Girls, I just saw it and it was diviiiine! I SO enjoyed it!!!

  7. Haven't seen it. Want to really bad.

  8. let me know how this is! i like the trailer a lot and colin firth is damn sexy


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