Wednesday, January 27, 2010

blazer bonanza

For this business student, now is the hectic season of job interviews. I had three in the past week and a half. (And more to come!) But guess who left her nice "interview blazer" back home in Philly? Yes, this (scatterbrained, sheepish) business student. I've been making do with crisp collared shirts and the usual slacks and pencil skirts -- but a working girl just feels naked without a blazer!

I think I'm going to make a trip to Bloomingdale's pronto (lots of sales right now), but while we're on the subject of blazers, I just need to say: I am in love with these sassy jackets and coats from Smythe.

(click to view online)

Plaid blazer, equestrian coat, you both need to make friends with my closet right now. And introduce your sisters. K, thanks.

PS: Guys love it when we suit up.
PPS: Maybe because pencil skirts can be quite sexy.
PPPS: And pink.


  1. It's okay to lose the blazer from time to time. especially if you're wearing a nice pair of white button down or a ruffly top. But of course, the trusty blazer is a must!


  2. Oh, that tan one with the leather elbow patches and all the plaid ones... divine! Too bad I live in shopless New Mexico or I'd be there buying blazers too.

    Lovely to make your acquaintance, by the way.

  3. Love that Equestrian one with the elbow patches too! xx

  4. So sad to hear that you left it behind. :(

    I really need to get one....

  5. I'm lovin' the brown blazer w/suede patches....I've been (for a while) trying to find the right blazer; something that doesn't over shadow, blend in too much and is trendy all at the same time. I guess also, because most of the styles of blazers (i've came across lately) either look cheap or are ulgy. But these picks are fashionable.....i like.

  6. I agree with andy. It is okay to lose the blazer when wearing a top with ruffles. But you ALWAYS need a blazer. BTW. I saw and amazing antonio melani blazer at dillards, you might love it. :)

  7. ooo sorry to hear about ur blazer, but hey at least u have an excuse to go to bloomies hehe:D i agree, they have an awesome sale right now. loving all these coats from smythe:) thx for sharing!

  8. Hey Helen

    Good luck with the job interviews, hope you land a dream job soon!

  9. Carrie -- thank goodness for eBay though, right! I am addicted.

  10. I saw these on their site the other day! I love them, if only they can come down in price by about 80% or so :)

  11. ooh, I am loving the plaid and equestrian blazers too! so adorable! I don't often wear blazers, but they could definitely make friends with my closet too :)

    btw, I gave you an award on my blog!

    happy weekend!

    and good luck at bloomingdale's!

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  13. ooo I'm obsessed with the blazer trend right now. Love all these that you picked, especially the red plaid one. Seems no as work appropriate, but still very cute for casual wear! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool


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