Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a guy's POV: she's so suit-sexy!

(photo via garance dore)

Because I go to business school, I own a couple suits -- a few blazers, pencil skirts, and slacks in sets of navy, cream, and lots of black. The thing is, I hate dressing so conservatively and try to avoid wearing suits as much as possible. But what I've recently realized is that men love the look of a woman in a business suit. They think it's powerful and sexy -- frankly, they go nuts!

Well! What an interesting concept, right?! You dress in your cutest, girliest outfits, but it's the boring black suit that they go crazy for. Go figure. But now that I know this, I find myself standing straighter and feeling more confident and comfortable in a suit. I'm definitely learning how to work it, how to own the look. It's a win-win!

My dolls, do you feel sexy in a business suit? (A pair of high heels definitely helps.) And guys, do you agree with my friends and love a woman in a suit?


  1. I could wear high-waist skirts every day. just think they're so flattering to the body... and you're right. boys love it!

    it's a lie. the whole.. they love you in sweats and an old tshirt. LIES. all of them :p

  2. Hehe. I'm sure Alex loves you in anything! But those bajillion skirts you have are all totally cute!

  3. Helen! This is me leaving you my first comment ever :)

    I know how you feel --- I spend a good majority of my time in suits...and I LOVE IT. Given the nature of the interviews, presentations, etc., I can't be as daring in my tailored pieces (aka someday I'd love to pull out an all-white suit...but for a class presentation with other teammates dressed inevitably in black, I might have to put that on hold). One thing I love is the suit vest + pant combo. As formal and conservative enough as a jacket + combo, but different enough to spice things up!

    Unfortunately...I'm too short-legged and petite to adequately pull off the high-waisted pencil skirt look. It makes me look shorter and stouter than I actually am :(

    <3 your blog --- and I miss you!


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