Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tasty tuesday

(photo via food vagabond)

What an awesome day! Sometimes, you just wake up with the best attitude and good things happen. I debuted my quirky blue wedges with black tights (because even though it's officially Spring, it was cold!), accepted a summer internship offer for marketing at Johnson & Johnson and met up with Perry and friends at Cafe Reggio for a delicious dinner of icecream, yogurt, strawberries, and cappuccinos -- a silly mix, right? You could say I have a sweet tooth. How was your Tuesday? Did you indulge in anything yummy like me?

Other sweet news: Topshop is opening April 2nd! Will you go check it out? My friends from Philly have already planned their weekends up to visit me, but mostly shop! (And I don't blame them.)

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