Saturday, December 12, 2009

poem in response to a poem

do feelings come first?

my legs do what normal legs do:
they stand tall and walk strong,
cross anxiously at the knee,
kneel sometimes to pray;

but my eyes are made to talk
openly, unabashedly, though they
blink, occasionally, for fear of
blurting out premature secrets.

and these lips, they have no such fears;
they love: words & lipstick,
kissing, chocolate, freedom,
speaking when not spoken to:

but when legs play wallflower
to eyes, and eyes are replaced
by lips, and lips grow afraid,
then, then feelings are born.

(and feelings have no ears:
they cannot listen to lips;
they are blind in the eyes;
they have no legs to run; so,
how come they come first?)

my response to e.e. cumming's poem "since feeling is first"


  1. Ooooo I likeeee :D:DD

  2. NICE! I'm going to tweet the link to your poem. And you can't stop me!

  3. thank you girls! I'm so glad you like it :)


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