Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the nook

I spent a huge chunk of today at Barnes & Noble, just catching up on some magazines + Starbucks indulgences... it was divine. But even cooler, I was introduced to B&N's newest product, the Nook! AKA, Kindle's worst enemy. I was super impressed with the Nook's customizable features (designer covers!), Wi-Fi accessibility, and overall sleek, easy-to-use eReader design. (Maybe even prettier than Kindle's design? What do you think?)

And how savvy and appropriate for Barnes & Noble, America's top bookseller and publisher, to herald this new technology! I'm betting Amazon's sweating in their Christmas sweaters right now. The Nook is currently sold out, but with a $259 price tag (same as Kindle's), we'll have to keep an eye on how competitive it'll stay in the market. It's still too pricey to tempt me!


  1. I wanted to get one so badly but then I heard about this and was thinking I should probably wait until this issue resolves. If not I could have a very expensive paperweight in the near future.

  2. Ohhh that is so sad. I hope this isn't true. :(


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