Tuesday, December 22, 2009

fryes on fire, pt. 2

Not that I can afford any big purchase right now (traveling has drained my savings, poop!) -- but aren't these vintage-inspired, studded Frye oxfords just un-freaking-believable??? I have always loved Fryes and own a pair of Engineers myself, but this is another level of holiness to obsess over. (I can't help it! Without quality leather, high-heeled boots on my footsies, I feel impotent, to quote Cher from Clueless. It's that serious!)


  1. cute! I wish I had money for shoes too!! Awesome blog btw :)

  2. I have a pair of frye oxfords but they're pewter and a little more difficult to wear (colour coordination-wise) than I expected. Amazing quality and massively comfortable, though, and I'd love that studded pair...badass and old school at the same time.


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