Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas xoxo!

I'm cozied up in bed, eating fruit (mango + kiwi!) and reading Eat, Pray, Love. Downstairs, the fire is crackling, my Dad is drinking the Czech beer I brought back from Prague, my Mom is singing along with her Josh Groban CD, and my little sister is googly-eyed in front of the flat screen. I think The Grinch is on? Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas tomorrow. I know I'm loving being home for the holidays. :)

PS: Did you notice the poinsettias on my plate! Underneath the fruit is a Christmas tree too. Yay for holiday festivity!


  1. ooooohhh... Czech beer. can we get some of that when we get back?

  2. no, but I have even better: Becherovka (czech liquor)!!!


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