Sunday, August 16, 2009

camera & me

Today was so gorgeous and sunny, so I took my new camera out to play. I felt very lady-like, I think mostly because of my new shoes...

This tiny, but powerful Canon nicely captured my love for color, although I do love a black and white contrast here and there:

As I was learning all the technical knick-knacks, I snapped a few shots of "the girls" -- my mother (who looks stunning at 47), my sister, and me -- just as the sun prepared to set.

Oh, I love my camera!


  1. I look horrible!
    -Your Sister

  2. Looks Fabulous. In fact my favorite one is of your sister :) Looks so laid back and the colors are amazing! :) <3

  3. yeah, check out those swimming legs!

  4. Absolutely LOVE those blue pumps! And the picture of you with the half-lighting/half-shadow looks amazing. Profile that!

  5. you guys are beautiful.


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