Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a "bargain-aholic"

You know how some mothers-to-be find themselves "nesting" before their baby arrives? Well, that's me, and my baby's name is Prague, due on August 28th. In all seriousness, I'm going crazy trying to pack for my semester-long stay. There's so little room, yet I keep getting the urge to shop, egged on by sales and bargains. Ugh!

At first, I obediently followed my must-buy list, stocking up on necessities like v-neck white T-shirts, thick winter socks and tights, Havianas flip flops that were half off, and a laptop case + mouse combo for my new Sony Viao.

But then I found the perfect retro one-piece bathing suit at the perfect price. And these very on-sale bowtie canvas wedges. And the Sex & The City movie for only $6. And a stack of pretty cards with birds and flowers on them. And an adorable, teeny yellow saddle bag. And new earphones. And a Liz Claiborne wallet (because I really, really need a new one). And finally some strawberry kiwi tealights, 'cause they smelled so yummy.

Ahhh! I felt so guilty carrying my loot home. My whole plan this summer was to save, save, save so I can travel as much as possible in Europe, and here I am deviating from the list! (Did I mention I just bought a new camera too?) I know I'm not bad enough to be a called a shopaholic, but gosh I can really be a "bargain-aholic" sometimes. Are you the same way?

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  1. It happens to the very best of us!

    P.S. I love the new Bowtie Wedges. I am soo there.



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