Sunday, April 26, 2009

my chapbook

My last poetry workshop of the semester is next Friday, so I'm working on my the end-of-year chapbook which contains all of my best works. My classmates and I are going to exchange chapbooks so that each can serve as a poetic yearbook of all the great memories and progress we've shared. So sad already! I'm going to miss this class.

Mine's called "Eccentric House" because it's a compilation of my most eccentric, special pieces, from crisp haikus to long autobiographical poems. I got the name from a line of a poem I wrote on yard sales. Let me know if you'd like a copy! (I have tons and tons of poems that I haven't posted on this blog, and a few that you've seen, though edited.)


  1. I want oneeee! OBVIOUSLY haha

  2. PERRRRFECT for you!

    Helen Please me Too!!


    Can't wait!!!

  3. Of course, my dear! It's in the mail on the way to your hands! :)


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