Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Uniqlo Collaborations, Steven Alan

(a spring look from Uniqlo)
Uniqlo is partnering up with more designers in its Designer Invitation Project, which include: "a Steven Alan collection for women, and Opening Ceremony line for men, bowing in March. Shipley & Halmos will unveil a women’s collection in May and Gilded Age will offer designs for men. Prices range from $19 to $79."

Personally, I'm most excited for Steven Alan -- I'm a fan of classic silhouettes with a twist. Uniqlo agrees: “women’s shirting is such an important category and it’s really making a comeback to fashion. We wanted to work with someone that had a very strong authority in this category.”

I'm kind of obsessed with casual button-down shirts, and Steven Alan is the perfect solution! Joanna is a fan of plaid, but these pieces are my favorites:

tuxafari striped shirt

la jolla top

piper skirt

tuxafari liberty shirt

Source: WWD


  1. don't forget that they're also collaborating with opening ceremony!!!
    scroll to about halfway down the page

  2. o wow
    i didn't read the full blog, just the title. i liked their hamilton collab from 2008 better though.

  3. of course you would, you boy! steven alan is so big when it comes to women though. I think Uniqlo picked really well. remember the alexander wang hype from this summer? sold out in a week - so disappointing!


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