Saturday, December 6, 2008

your next vintage destination

Want to know where I get most of my vintage goodies? From Housing Works, of course! It's conveniently located right next to my apartment in Gramercy, and also has a website that pretty much is an e-bay style vintage mecca. The thrifty treasures at Housing Works are truly are one of a kind - once it's purchased, it's gone! Also, Housing Works assists in finding housing for the homeless with HIV/AIDS. Great shopping and for a good cause - there's no better incentive!

Donna Ricco, $168.

This Donna Ricco dress isn't from Housing Works, but I think it gives a similar vintage vibe (with its floral print), paired with a sophisticated cut. The result? A well put together, chic, yet uncommon look.


  1. I need to go to Housing Works with you sometime...can't wait to look super cute on Wednesday together btw!


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