Sunday, December 7, 2008

happy sunday (morning)

A couple hours ago, NYC experienced its first snowfall of the year - my roommate Emily and I opened our windows for a few minutes to admire the gorgeous, whirling bits of white. But then it got too cold, so we shut the windows and nestled back into our cocoon-like apartment to watch some "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

I love winter clothes, but I miss warm weather. Doesn't life just seem more relaxed when the days are bright and hot? I have finals in exactly a week and one day. I could use some de-stressing before winter break, but I doubt that that will be possible. :(

I took this shot of Central Park this summer. Pretty, right?

Until then, have a great remainder of the weekend and a lovely Sunday!


  1. It's been snowing like crazy here since November. Not liking the cold. My apartment is freezing. :(

  2. Wow, since November! That's crazy - it flurried a little last night, but NYC basically never gets any sticky snow. I kind of wish it would stay :(

    Don't you have heating in your apartment?


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