Thursday, December 11, 2008

the ultimate luxury

I love this Botkier Morgan Satchel bag - it's classic and edgy and absofuckinglutely gorgeous! Ah, how amazing it would be to own such a bag!

I've made it known a few times how much I love fringe, and this combination of zippers, soft Italian leather, and shiny gold hardware is just phenomenal. Lust at first sight? Definitely. I'm jealous of Vanessa Hudgens!

(photo via fabsugar)


  1. That bag is so perfectly classy and can def be carried to any nice casual outing..wish we owned it, i really love it!!

  2. I KNOW right? It's sooo sexy - haha, we'll have to call LVMH and have them hook us up since we beasted our presentation ;)


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