Tuesday, December 9, 2008

gift list, part 2

Okay, so I'm selfish. While researching gifts for family and friends, I unconsciously racked up a list of things that I'd love for myself... which really turned into a full-fledged shopping wish list. I'm eager to look for (in general):

- fingerless gloves (in knit - hobo style)
- black platform mary janes
- long cardigan dresses
- thin black long-sleeved t-shirts, preferably in jersey (for layering purposes)
- cashmere scarf (in tan or a vibrant color)
- replacement h&m forest green scarf (since I lost mine)
- thick long socks (that feel especially cozy in winter)
- Rich & Skinny jeans in "sleek" straight leg stretch
- cheap monday jeans
- flannel shirts

Rich & Skinny jeans, $140

I'm won't get everything on the list, of course - that would be too self-indulgent. But it always feels good to admit to what we want and love, right?


  1. My lists are usually rather expensive.

    This year there's Wii Fit, 32 or 16 gig ipod touch, and a wacom bamboo fun tablet.

  2. yep, you are ever the techie ;)

    I think I might try to persuade my parents to let me get a blackberry though. They don't like the fact that I'd most likely be chained to the thing...

  3. rich and skinnies go for real cheap on shopbop. like... less than $60 most of the time!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. oh you and shopbop, haha. But I love shopbop sales - I just got a cute gauze skirt from bop basics :)

    cannot wait to see you and do our movie-sleepover routine like the old days <3

  6. you can get the fingerless gloves at the marc jacobs accessory store for really cheap.

  7. oooh lala. I'll check it out :)


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