Sunday, December 21, 2008

a dose of sweetness

I'm a big fan of Daily Candy, a blog on all things hip happening in NYC (and many other cities, like Philadelphia, which is where I'll be for the next three weeks). It also serves as a brilliant guide for designer sample sales and cool events happening during the weekend. Oh, and the cute illustrations are definately a plus.

I only realized today that Daily Candy had published two hilariously witty books! Daily Candy A-Z dishes on everything that women can possibly gossip about, and The Daily Candy Lexicon introduces "words that don't exist but should," like comdamn and whor d'oeurve. What can I say? I laughed and couldn't help sharing.

(photo by Daily Candy)


  1. Helen this is wonderful but write another post please :) Love Love.

  2. oh my dear, sorry for the wait! I've been very negligent :(
    love you too!


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