Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm off in fifteen minutes to accompany my friend Mark on his quest to find the perfect suit (he's hitting up Burberry and Saks - so fancy!), but I want to quickly share some exciting news!

After a few weeks of waiting, I just heard news that I was accepted to the Advanced Poetry Workshop next semester for NYU's Creative Writing Program! (Take a look here for the course description - my professor is Elaine Equi.) Eek! I'm so thrilled! I know this will be my favorite class next semester :)

Also, just wanted to pronounce my absolute love for Gwyneth Paltrow to you all - she is incredibly classy and talented. Not to mention this woman has such amazing style and killer shoes! I'm also eagerly anticipating her next movie, Two Lovers, which will be released in February 2009.

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