Sunday, November 9, 2008

sunday musing

I had a fabulous, adventurous, what seems like four-day weekend. After meeting up with friends (old and new), partaking and part-hosting in a legendary party, haphazardly finishing up homework and last-minute emails, and enjoying the longest, most beautiful run with my friend Kat to the Hudson River, I'm back to my "bread-and-butter" business - blogging, that is.

End of week updates:

- Beyonce's half-scary, half-intriguing fashion shoot for Gotham Magazine gives me the creeps, even though it's supposed to represent the cultural styles of different countries in high fashion form. Somehow, even a woman as beautiful as Beyonce looks ridiculous with red, blue, and white stripes painted on her face.

- My adorable friend Caroline is running the Boston Marathon in April to raise money for Project Health. Please help her fundraise for a great cause!

- I got my hair cut (free of charge!) at the Carsten Aveda Salon in Union Square by the most wonderful guy, Omar. After an orgasmic shampoo and some thoughtful deliberation on my new look (calling on inspiration from the new Bond girl, Olga Kurylenko), I am now three inches short of hair and bang'd. Interestingly enough, my hair actually looks very much like Olga's when it's wavy!

- Check out NYU Local, a Gawker-esque culture blog written by and for NYU students, whose news content spans from the campus to the national level. Read uncensored opinion pieces, get the latest gossip, and click on links to what's hip in music and entertainment. Yours truly serves as its new Director of Marketing.

- This lengthy NYT article just proves what I've already known: fashion editorials are pretty much equivalent to paid advertisement these days.

Until tomorrow! :)

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