Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sick :(

I've been extremely sick since Sunday, and it really, really sucks. I'm nauseous and feverish and freezing cold and weak - agh, how did this happen? I couldn't concentrate in my classes, I couldn't even think coherently!

(photo via ruby press)

But before the sickness, I had a pretty nice weekend. NYU Local threw its first launch party on Saturday (where we all danced crazily to 90's music), and from Sunday to Monday, one of my closest friends from home, Caroline, visited from Harvard. We painted our toes, indulged in a hefty load of girl-talk/magazine reading, and ate brunch at Shake Shack (love those 'shroom burgers!). Caroline left with a new haircut (from Astor Place Hairstyles) and an insider's view at my NYU life at work and class. Gosh, I miss her already!

I leave tomorrow morning for home. I'm looking forward to seeing Twilight with my little sister, starting Toni Morrison's "The Mercy," and eating lots and lots of turkey and stuffing. But for now, it's sleep and Tylenol time. Good night, everyone.

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