Thursday, November 27, 2008

dinner and a movie (and desert!)

Happy Thanksgiving, my dears! I'm away from home at Long Beach, NJ, celebrating the holiday with friends and family. Thankfully, I'm over the sickness (it's slowly leaving my system after lots of medicine and rest), which means I'll have the energy to enjoy my potluck dinner tonight - can't wait! I can already taste the turkey and stuffing and dumplings and sticky rice and tiramisu...

Yesterday, between bed rest and reading "The Mercy," I took my sister out to see "Twilight," because the girl is obsessed! Although I admit I read the book (and enjoyed the plot despite the atrocious writing), the movie was dreadfully awful. I'm not at all a film snob and am usually very easy to please, but I thought the movie was truly awkward. It was great to hang out with my sis, but I really wish I saw "Australia" instead. Star talent, historical-based plot, wonderful costumes, and Ferragamo shoes, what else could I possibly want? And Nicole and Hugh are beautiful and have wonderful chemistry.

...Oh, and I'm in love with this Miu Miu ribbon necklace. Rhinestones and ribbon - what a lovely combination!

Miu Miu, $240.


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) I missed seeing you yesterday.

  2. Thank you, my love! I'm so sorry I was too sick to see you and Megan yesterday. Winter break will come soon enough, though. Hope Thanksgiving was great for you too!


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