Friday, November 28, 2008

girl crushes and lovely looks

I have a girl crush on the three ladies of "Lipstick Jungle" - love their sassy attitudes, super-cool high-powered jobs (producer, magazine editor-in-chief, and fashion designer), and jaw-droppingly gorgeous outfits. I've watched (conveniently through hulu) and loved every single episode, and am praying that "Lipstick Jungle" is here to stay for a long, long time!

My favorite character and style-muse is Victory Ford, aka Lindsay Price. I'm totally jealous of her wardrobe - it's eccentric and filled with designer labels, experimental and most of all, fun fun fun! She wears a wide range of outfits that cater to both professional and creative sides of her career. And, if you ever notice her accessories (and shoes!), they're much more intricate than her colleagues' and completely steal the show!

"The Dholak Bangle by Rosena Sammi ($500), is inspired by the shape of the dholak, a North Indian hand drum." See what I mean?

And to continue the celebration (or rumination) of Black Friday:

Victory always has very chic black nails. I finally gave in two weeks ago and painted my nails black too :)

L'Oreal Pro Manicure Nail Polish, Stroke of Midnight

(photos via celeb style and l'oreal)


  1. I am totally bringing you back some great jewelry from India (or when my mom gets back when she goes this winter) they would look gorgeous on your skin!!

  2. Thanks hun! That would be lovely


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