Wednesday, June 18, 2014

balance: is it possible?

Balance. This is something that is constantly on my mind, especially as I get older. I am already wrestling and reflecting a lot on it-- and I don't even have a family of my own yet! Just thinking about how long it's been since I've posted on this blog makes me cringe a little - I'm going to be better, I promise! ;)

Only after I started dating Ben did I realize how hard it is to maintain balance when you're in a relationship. I think it's true when people say being single means being productive without even intentionally doing so! You have the precious time to invest so much in your own learning, meet new people constantly and deepen your friendships. I loved being single, and I love being in a relationship, though balancing is certainly a learning process. Spending time with Ben is my priority, but we both never want to be that couple who disappears into their own world, lost in each other while neglecting other relationships.

Also, I love my "doing me" time: taking long podcast-listening walks, reading in bookstores, and working out. Even running errands like grocery shopping or giving myself a manicure at home feel relaxing and irreplaceable. My Saturday morning runs across the Williamsburg bridge are sacrosanct too, yet I haven't gone in two weeks. Ah, balance!

So here's the question... How can I continue to lean in and invest meaningfully into my friendships, my family, my work, my relationship, and my personal time and do them well? Is it even possible? Do you agree with the saying, "You can have anything but not everything"? One thing I'm working on now is to stop trying to control my performance and just go with the flow. When I have the perfectionist mentality of being everywhere with everyone, I can quickly begin to see my day as a long list of to-do's and my friends as a thing to check off, done! (How sad is that.) Not good for anyone. What are your thoughts on balance? Is it possible?

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