Wednesday, March 12, 2014

what are your plans this weekend?

I know it's only Wednesday (hump day), but I'm already really looking forward to my first weekend back in New York in what feels like forever (after SF, Bahamas, and Philly visiting my family). My goal is to be outside as long as possible since the weather is improving (thank goodness!). On weekends, I have a habit of power-walking through Soho, West Village, and East Village while chatting on the phone or listening to a podcast, people watching, and taking photos. I actually just stumbled upon the above photo of a restaurant called Freeman's which I had instagrammed 2 years ago while on such a walk! Isn't it so cute? I love how off the beaten path it is, tucked away in Chrystie St.

I'll also be catching up with my friend and former L'Oreal colleague Adam at brunch, meeting another friend Adam (funny coincidence) for coffee to plot out his career path (which sounds so devious, no?), attending a Crunch workout class, and working on my application to a theology seminar. What's your weekend looking like?

(Top photo via Nicole Franzen, bottom photo of me taken by my friend Danny in Soho)


  1. ooh I love Freeman's- it's such a cute spot and the food is delish. you should go for brunch this weekend!

    btw, i started up a blog again. would love if you checked it out and lmk your thoughts :)


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