Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 in-transit thoughts

I was just telling Abby my roommate that I wish I had several hours after work to decompress, read silly Buzzfeed articles, catch up on my Facebook newsfeed and just... relax. Reconcile the random thoughts in my head from throughout the day (I call them 'in-transit' thoughts because they float around and then are gone before I get a chance to contemplate more or write them down). That's why I thought I'd just write them here before bedtime (and maybe stumble upon this blog post sometime in the distant future and think back about myself, 'What a baby I was!' That would be pretty cool.).

- Two contradictions: I'm trying to be more minimal in life -- give away clothes I haven't worn in a year to my sister, own less things, etc. -- and yet I am totally hooked on Pinterest, which is all about excess everything. It's like... I need to go on Pinterest and pin pretty things to my boards to unwind before bedtime. What a goof.

- For the Bahamas, I was still putting all of my sample-size toiletries in ziplock bags for my flight carry on and felt like something was amiss. Why haven't I bought a real-person plane bag? I just ordered this Stephanie Johnson yellow jumbo zip bag and am abnormally excited to pack for my next trip in style, for once.

- My internal dialogue lately has been unnecessarily dramatic: "I really want babies. I love babies!!!" "No, you can't have babies, you're not even married and you have too many things on your bucket list to do!" "But I'm really good with them. Get on with it already, have a baby." "No. You're not having babies until age thirty." "Ugh, fine. But don't wait to long...." Seriously, estrogen is such a nuisance sometimes. I sincerely hope this is every mid-twenties woman's inner turmoil so I'm not the crazy one.

- Yesterday I went to Art Bar in the West Village for late evening drinks with some girlfriends and loved the ambiance of the back living room-- very 1940s velour couches/fireplace chic. Need to visit again soon.

- My friends Sarah and Evan are getting married on March 30 and I'm beyond excited. Abby and I are both thinking first: What am I going to wear? Second: What does this mean we're old now? And lastly: Holy crap, Sarah's going to be a married woman!!! I 'm so excited. I'm totally going to finagle the microphone and give a rowdy, tipsy toast because I love that girl.

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