Sunday, February 23, 2014

is 'everything is good' actually a bad thing?

You know when your friends ask you 'how are you?' and the answer sometimes is an automatic 'good!' Well I try not to do that -- I usually give a specific answer with lots of details and examples (I love story-telling and sharing after all). Lately though, I've been surprising myself by giving an answer that is, very genuinely, a simple 'everything is really good.' Gosh, it feels so weird to report smooth sailing. No dramatic stories, no complaints or anxieties. Not many internal of external struggles. A new level of continuous stability that I've never felt before.

What do you do when life is so calm and quiet? I am really grateful for this peaceful stage right now -- the fact that I enjoy my work, feel content with all of my relationships, and genuinely like the person I'm growing into and the communities that I'm a part of. But it's weird. In a city that is constantly stimulating and full of drama, am I becoming a bore? Is 'everything is good' actually a bad thing, an indicator of complacency? Should we always be struggling in life? What are your thoughts? Tell me if I'm being crazy here. :)

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