Friday, January 17, 2014

5 resolution themes for 2014

I struggled the past two weeks with making resolutions but then read an article on Huff Po about creating themes for the year that we can think about every day instead of specific resolutions. Maybe measurable resolutions are too serious and broader, more general themes are just-right? They seem gentler anyway. Here are five 2014 themes I'd like to be intentional about on a daily basis...

Stop guilting. 
If I want to sleep in, eat a third portion, read at night instead of going out, so be it.

Don't be afraid to go it alone (be it a vacation, a movie, or a walk).
Enjoying your own company is underrated. 

Think of myself less.
C.S. Lewis once defined this as true humility, and it really stuck with me. 

Be real.
Remain authentic in my feelings, actions, and relationships.

Be present. 
The future will worry about itself.

(Photo source: 1, 2, 3 - originally from Breakfast at Tiffany's45, )

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