Tuesday, December 3, 2013

holiday gift guide #3: 9 gifts for your creative kindred spirit

What would we do without our creative friends? Life would certainly not be nearly as fun. Here are some gift ideas for your creative kindred spirit who taught herself how to use Illustrator, always knows about the latest museum exhibits and art installations, and travels to countries by herself just for her own inspiration's sake.
Because she almost bought a set at Anthropologie and always regretted not getting them: Quartz coasters, $68
Because she's a global citizen: Lem Lem Ishi scarf, $84 (handmade in Ethiopia)

Because she would so use this next time she bakes: Wilton Hello Kitty Cake Pan, $12.49

Because she loves to surround herself with inspiring photography: Umbra Clothesline Flip Photo Display, $30

Because she has a quirky sense of fashion: Lips Striped Cream Jumper, $20.96

Because she'll always be nostalgic of her time in London: Streets of London iPhone 5/5S Case from ModCloth, $31.99
Because she's all about international snacking: Green tea Kit Kat 12 pack, $12

Because she appreciates the little details: Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Muse Mug, White, $24

Because secretly she'd love to lounge around and read all night (and so would you): Ralph Lauren Super-Soft Terry Kimono Robe, $62

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