Saturday, November 9, 2013

our everyday habits

I'm currently hanging out on my couch, drinking chocolate milk after a great run along the East River Park and got to thinking about the power of habits. I used to hate running, but now that Saturday runs (with Danny, Abby or Steph) have become ingrained in my routine for the past few months, I am loving it and getting better at running longer distances. How powerful: habits can rewire our brains to look forward to something that once felt so grueling!

My good habits include reading (currently: this and this), going to workout classes, and maintaining this blog/my writing. My bad habits include eating out too much/not cooking at home, making excuses to justify frivolous spending ($16 cocktail, sure why not- it's an experience!), and not being committed to learning new things outside of my job. Hopefully, the knowledge that routine habits inform our lifestyles will kick out some of these bad habits. What are some of your everyday habits?

(Photo of Jane and Serge via here

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