Tuesday, May 7, 2013

jonathan adler mug

I still haven't bought myself a present for my birthday which happened almost 2 weeks ago. It's funny -- even though I blog about inspiring, beautiful products, I can never keep track of a wish list! While I'm not a planner, my tendency to make spontaneous purchases counteract the purpose of a wish list... I guess I like the thrill! :)

Today I bought this Jonathan Adler Scale Mug and am so excited to see it pop on my work desk. One of many mini birthday presents to myself, I'm sure. Do you plan your purchases? Or do you buy on the spot, like me?

(Jonathan Adler Scale Mug - $14.40 via Casa.com)


  1. I definitely try to plan, but surprise purchases end up in my cart a lot :) Love this mug, perfect birthday gift for yourself!

  2. I do a little bit of both. I plan to go out and buy spontaneously? haha :)


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