Monday, April 8, 2013

spring forward with shift dresses

Up until this week, NYC weather has remained stubbornly cool and still required wearing a winter jacket -- yuck! Today feels so much better with lots of sunshine, which instantly makes me want to do some Spring shopping. My favorite seasonal transition piece is the 3/4 length sleeve shift dress, which I like to wear in colder weather with tights and boots, or dress down in warm weather with sandals. The not quite short or long sleeves are adaptable to any situation and cover just enough skin. Pretty close to perfect, right?

Make a statement in a patterned shift dress...

Or keep it simple in white lace...

Or wow the crowd in an embellished dress perfect for going out

For a long time, I stayed away from dresses because I wasn't particularly "girly" growing up. Now, I rely on them all year long! What's your favorite transitional piece into Spring?

(From top to bottom: gorgeous shift dresses by Tracey Reese, Yoana Baraschi, and Jessica Howard via the Amazon Dress Shop)


  1. Love that first dress! It is perfect for spring. My favorite transitional piece is definitely my white jeans. I can wear them on a chilly day and still feel like it is summer!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Any and all of those dresses is perfect for me. Pleaseeeee give me.

  3. All are very cute to see and all the girls like the same style to wear.
    Shift Dresses


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