Monday, February 4, 2013

illustrations by lolla james

I'm so impressed by my friend Eunsan (aka Lolla James) and her amazing illustrations. Her drawings are humorous and clever, and often remind me of Gemma Correll's work. Also, major kudos to E for sticking to her illustrator dates -- it really looks like her 25 minute vow has paid off, since she is getting better and better. This is good motivation for me to get back to writing my columns and essays. Keep it up E! (Find more of Eunsan's illustrations here.)

This one's called "The Patient Patient" and made it on EatSleepDraw!

PS: Her cheeky Valentines card made me laugh. 
PPS: Did I mention that she designed my blog header?

(All illustrations by Lolla James)


  1. Um these are so cayoot! Love them!

  2. Cheeky is right! I love that valentine.

  3. the assballs one makes me laugh out loud!

  4. Me too! So funny and true sometimes!


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