Monday, December 3, 2012

winter sleek, on the go!

During winter, all I want to do is wear black leggings and comfy large sweaters all the time... I'm in full hibernation mode which is not exactly the most stylish. So I'm trying to find some outfit inspiration that will take me from hum drum uniform to sleek and put together with the least amount of effort. Here are a few looks I'm planning to pull together from my closet and emulate all winter long....

For coffee with your girlfriends: 
Quirky statement sweater + worn-in jeans + lipstick (and preferably a latte)

For running errands and grocery shopping:
Soft Chambray top + black skinny jeans (and flats or boots, your pick)

For drinks with friends at a bar:
Boyfriend blazer + skin-tight jeans + killer heels

For a casual work day:
Bright silky blouse + high-waisted trousers + wedge heels

Any favorite go-to outfits that I'm missing? 

PS: More outfit inspiration:

(Photos via: 12, 3, 4)


  1. you're planning on throwing a warm winter coat over all of these, right? :P

  2. Yes to all of these. I especially love Blair's look, but when do I not?

  3. leggings and sweaters are totally my go to outfit too, i need to go buy more leggings actually!


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