Monday, November 5, 2012

the simple things

Lately, I have been struck by how the simple things can bring so much warmth and optimism. From seeing fellow New Yorkers helping their neighbors who are struggling post-Sandy to asking "How's your day going?" to the grocery store cashier and taking in their surprised smile... life can be sweetly rewarding in its small moments, don't you think?

A few simple things that are warming my heart and making me feel grateful....
- a cozy home (with heat!)
- pumpkin scented candles
- woolen socks & tall boots
- spaghetti and eggs... the simple foods are the best!

What are the simple things you love? 

(photo via martha stewart)


  1. I'm loving good cups of coffee lately. I need them throughout the day to keep me going. And I always realize how nice it is to have once I get one.

    1. Yes! Coffee is such a simple and wonderful thing!


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