Wednesday, August 1, 2012

collecting: do or don't?

I'm doing some massive brainstorming on my apartment right now, as my current roommate Alex is moving out and my new roommate Abby is moving in this week. Since we live in a typically modest-sized apartment in the East Village, organizing often has to be pretty strategic. Thankfully, I'm a strict minimalist and don't collect any doo-dads that take up space (other than books--although I wish I were thoughtful enough to keep all my cards and letters). Do you collect anything? Postcards? Stamps? What's your take: does collecting enrich one's life or is it a fine line away from Hoarders?

Loving these illustrated collections of vintage ticket stubs, flowers, cheese, icecream, and books. Would love to hang these prints on my wall! 

PS: Speaking of apartments-- what my bedroom looks like


  1. I don't really collect things. I've kept some sentimental cards from family and friends, but beyond that I'm not all about the collecting. But those prints would look amazing on my wall ;)

    1. They'd even look cute all together, right? A collection of collections :)


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