Thursday, April 26, 2012

music that moves

Without a doubt, music is like water for my soul. I find myself completely uplifted when I hear something that moves me. Here's what's been on my heart this week...

My roommate Alex just introduced me to 2Cellos, and it was like a blast from the past. I played the violin very seriously for more than decade of my life, and classical music will always have my complete attention whenever I hear it! The cello is one of my favorite instruments to listen to, so two cellos is just extraordinary! This Coldplay arrangement is particularly fantastic. (Also great - their Smooth Criminal arrangement! And the Welcome to the Jungle video is awe-inspiring.)

Ellie Holcomb
I love Ellie's music. My friend Emily played Ellie's Anchor of Hope, and I was instantly drawn to her voice. I don't often write about my faith on the blog, but God is an enormous part of my life, and forever faithful -- this song really describes Him better than anything that I could write. (Also great -- Don't Forget His Love)

What's been on your music radar lately?

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  1. ohhhh i like 2cellos. i can totally listen to them at night with a glass of wine and candles lit.

    have a great weekend :]


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