Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6 resolutions to make (and not break!)

My resolutions for 2012 are going to be as doable, simple, and fun as possible. I just want to do things that make me happy! (Now that's all the reason we need, right? :) So without further ado, I'm committed in the next year to these 6 resolutions:

1. Plan more trips (to visit friends, to see new places)

2. Host more soirees (from dinner parties to just hangin' out)

3. Buy more flowers ('cause they'll brighten up the dullest day)

4. Go to bed earlier (and feel 100x better, always)

5. Take more photos (and take in new perspectives)

6. Take more risks (because 99% of the time, they're worth it)

(photos via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


  1. I love your resolutions! I'm going to adopt most of them myself! ;)

  2. #2's photos had me drooling...I'd like nothing more than to drink rich chocolat chaud, read books, and sit under twinkling lights with you!

    Every single one of these resolutions is PERFECT. I can just picture you tucked into your bed early, surrounded by flowers and your own photos you took while on amazing trips around the country! Inspiring stuff :)

  3. Great resolutions! Happy New Year!

    Love, Vanilla

  4. I completely, 100 percent agree with #3. I need more flowers in my life! Happy new year love :)


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