Tuesday, August 23, 2011

spotted at the brooklyn flea

I visited the Brooklyn Flea (@ Fort Green) with my friend Kim on Saturday, and naturally, we spent all of our money on food. It was scorching hot outside in the open-air market, so we tried some tasty shaved iced from People's Pop and also couldn't resist a Dough donut, which ended being the best decision ever. (Mine had a citrus glaze, and it was fresh, tangy, fluffy, delicious, amazing! Blew my mind.)

There are a ton of great vendors at the flea, though I haven't purchased anything yet (I'm picky!). But I did do some pretend-shopping in my head, which includes...

At least one super rad instrument lamp by Instrumental Lighting

Three beautiful collage-style prints from John Murphy

I have a weakness for prints and kooky furniture, what can I say. And the prices aren't even too ridiculous! I'll be back, Brooklyn. At least to check out Smorgasburg for the food. See you next weekend?

PS: Good times at the Hester St Fair


  1. I love flea markets. Those instrument lamps are amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh those donuts look so good! I love the collage prints too! xo


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