Tuesday, August 2, 2011

crafty decorating ideas

I've been inspired by all kinds of alternative ways to decorate these days... which is perfect, since I just moved to a new apartment in the East Village, and it is looking rather sparse. Here are a few things I've learned...

Instead of a buying headboard, why not drape a printed cloth or scarf?

Instead of buying prints, why not make one yourself?

Instead of splurging on a nightstand, why not stack up some books?

Love great decor - especially when it's on the cheap!
(photos via 1, 2, 3)


  1. great stuff! that leaf print is stunning, i'm looking forward to autumn (and fall clothes!)

  2. loooove this book stand idea!

  3. Wow that leaf print is amazing! xo

  4. I have an accidentally on purpose stack of books as my nightstand! Highly recommended :)

  5. these ideas are genius and i would have NEVER thought of them myself. LOVE IT!

  6. great ideas, especially that leaf print! so pretty! and fun to make too, I bet. you'll have to show us your crafty decor projects once your new apartment is all done up.


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