Friday, July 29, 2011

what summer vacation looks like

I've been a bad blogger. Darn you, vacation, for making me so lazy. (I kid, don't ever leave me!) So I'm back at my parent's home in Philly, living the suburban life until August-ish, and this is really what my life currently looks like. It's amazing. I'm so enjoying this precious R&R time before work starts August 15th!

I'll be back to normal pace by then, and of course, will be posting our family Euro-cation pictures up soon. Hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend!

PS: That Queen Helene face masque is my favorite product of the summer.


  1. I love the book Parisian Style :) it's been used quite a lot when I am being indecisive on what to wear :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. I need to pick up that book!
    I've been obsessed with popsicles lately.
    low calorie food <3

  3. Nice, looks like a fantastic summer vacation!

  4. Um, I'd like to take this opportunity to say I wish we were best friends.

  5. Your summer vacation looks pretty awesome to me!! :) I'm craving for some of those fruit bars!

    Belly B :)

  6. Haha April, we're best blog friends!! :)

  7. I really, really like what your summer vacation looks like!


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