Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sweet encouragement

I took myself on a little date yesterday -- lots of walking, some window shopping, frozen yogurt, and some self reflection...

I'm loving my "me" time so much more than I used to. I'll go for jogs or read magazines in a park, and think about the new things I want to try, and what I'd like to learn... All of which has been super encouraging, like this Dr. Seuss quote. Do you cherish your quiet time too?

(photo via sun-shower)


  1. Great post! "Me Time" is so important. I definitely don't function as well without it. :)

    And I love the Lorax so much! It makes me cry every time. :)

  2. Me time is absolutely necessary. When the boyfriend and I first decided to move in together, I told him we needed a place big enough where I could feel like I'm by myself sometimes. We all need it :)

  3. i absolutely cherish it! and i actually get really crabby when i dont get enough of it :)

  4. I love 'me' time :) I think it's important to be happy spending time with yourself :)

    Love, vanilla


  5. Me time is my favorite time. I enjoy being alone!

  6. Dr Seuss is a genius :) And yes, I really do enjoy being alone, although sometimes I'm alone so much I get sick of it haha.

    <3 Belly B

  7. So glad you made time for yourself. It's so easy to forget about making time for yourself, but when you take the time it does do wonders:)

  8. such a good thought, i'm working on it, or at least trying. gonna take off for vaca for a while, hope that will help. thanks for the inspirations...always...looking forward to meeting u in person at last tomorrow!!


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