Friday, May 27, 2011

writer sightings!

Luckiest. Week. Ever. I somehow managed to meet two of my favorite writers/ girl crushes, Jenny Slate and Miranda July, all within a span of 3 days! I went to the NYC Literary Death Match this Wednesday, and saw Jenny (creator and voice of hilarious short film Marcel the Shell With Shoes On) dominate! She is such an inspiration-- very successful actress/comedienne/writer/former SNL cast member, not to mention still in her twenties. Dannng, girl. Oh, and Jenny is pee-my-pants hilarious.

Just watch this...

And today, in front of McNally Jackson, I bumped into Miranda and HAD to say hello. Her short stories from No One Belongs Here More Than You are some of the best I've ever read. So I told her I was a "huge, huge, huge fan of your work" and she thanked me, and we chatted for like four glorious seconds. It was awesome.

So, Jenny and Miranda are both curly brunette Jewish ladies in film and literature. They're like badass twins. (Just see Miranda on the left, and Jenny at right.) Don't you recognize the same wit that's settled in the gaze of their eyes? I do. :)


  1. hilarious! lucky for you to meet them (even if it was only briefly!)

    Happy weekend darling, and hope you are enjoying your new post grad life ;)


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