Friday, February 4, 2011

happy chinese new year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, and it was such a phenomenal day! I woke up and immediately walked over to Chinatown to watch the beginnings of the annual Firecracker Ceremony & Cultural Festival. It was so fun to capture Chinatown's anticipation for the festivities; the street vendors were busy setting up their wares, and we made smalltalk (in Mandarin) about the new year and all of its blessings...

Highlights of the day: Following the dragons from the festival and getting a picture taken with one (!!!), delicious food all day long (Chinese pastries, shumai, etc.), heading over to Brooklyn to shop at Beacon's Closet with my friend Neetu, and then later, throwing a potluck dinner party for all my friends! (I made a mean chicken stirfry that I'm quite proud of.)

Update: More festive photos, this time from the Lunar New Year Parade on Sunday, 2/6!

Happy Year of the Rabbit, my friends!
Here's to a year of blessings and love. xoxo


  1. that is awesome and looks SO FUN!

  2. It was lovely and delicious and SO much fun!

  3. great days! heeeheee, i like the pic of u & the bunny ;-)


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