Monday, January 10, 2011

a few street styles

Love this outfit! And this lady looks a bit like Sienna Miller, don't you think?
Beautiful hair and very cool gold nails
Eva Fontanelli, editor of Elle Italy. She. Is. Adorable. 
Accessories can really change the mood of an outfit, wow :)

Some inspiring street fashion looks from Vanessa Jackman and her covetable Nikon. I love finding new street fashion blogs with high quality photos! (Could honestly ooh and ahh for hours!) The coolest part is learning more about the photographer's style. It's so nice to be able to discern the different tastes between the many fashion photographer-bloggers out there... Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, Hanneli, Tommy Ton, etc. They are all so talented.

 #1 on my wishlist now: a Nikon or Canon SLR!

(photos by Vanessa Jackman)


  1. Whoa I did a double take on the first that not Sienna? Super cool style whatever the case may be!


  2. I know! Watching that video about Scott Schuman made me want to get an SLR and roam the streets taking pics... Don't think I'd get as many amazing photos in Dublin though!

  3. Olá a todos os que vão ler este comentário neste blogue ou noutro muito bom como este. Pois é, estou encantado com todos estes posts bem feitos, quase que desenhados. Pois, eu gostava de fazer igual, mas não consigo. O meu dilema agora é cozinhar… A vida é dura e obrigou-me a morar sozinho, e a cozinha não é de todo o meu local favorito. Mas estou a tentar conhecê-la, mas as aventuras têm sido imensas. Fiz um blog humilde para colocá-las em forma de crónica pouco extensas. Gostava muito que todos vocês o visitassem e se possível o seguissem. É que tentar cozinhar e depois não ser ajudado, é algo muita mau.
    Cumprimentos a todos!

  4. I really like your choices! And the pops of red in each!

  5. I completely agree, I absolutely love Vanessa Jackman! That first photo is especially beautiful x

  6. The secong pic, WOW! Golden nails.<3
    xoxo from Sweden
    /Sara and Emma

  7. All of these ladies have such elegant airs about them! love the looks you picked!


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