Tuesday, December 7, 2010

83 year old friend

Friends, I've been crazy busy lately, and you know I've realized? I am a heck of a distracted, self-focused person when I'm busy! I easily forget to appreciate the teeny, tiny wonderful things in life -- things which actually are far bigger than me. I was reminded of exactly one of these things recently...

Caffe Reggio now

I frequent Caffe Reggio (one of my favorite cafes) almost every week for meetings, dates, whatnot. (It's super close to NYU and was also the first cafe to serve a cappuccino in the U.S!) While I was emailing Caffe Reggio's website to a friend, I stumbled across pictures of the cafe from when it first opened in 1927 to present day.

Caffe Reggio in 1975

Wow. I've been hanging out at Caffe Reggio for four years now, since my friend Perry introduced me, and I never saw it for what it really was: a historical treasure. I mean, more like an 83 year old friend with such a cool life!!! Films were shot there; Al Pacino ate there; generations of New Yorkers hung out there ... and here I am totally taking it for granted as just a place to grab coffee while I complained to friends about how busy my life is. How self-absorbed! I am so, so humbled.

Al Pacino at Caffe Reggio in 1989

Thanks Caffe Reggio for the beautiful pictures, and for rescuing me from my me-complex! ;)


  1. that first photo is splendid! i love the perspective!

    xo Alison

  2. I agree: a wonderful way to wake up to the wonders that surround us lucky girls every day... but I can't agree that you're a self-engrossed person!

  3. Haha thanks dear! I'm trying :)

  4. how awesome! looks like a great place to grab a cup of joe, relax with friends and try to stop stressing out! glad it finally worked for you, tee hee. I love that photo with the two girls. can you imagine?? love.

    P.S. New York is just too cool. there aren't any places like that in Simi Valley! this all just reaffirms why I HAVE to come to NYC!

  5. Thet cafe is absolutely beautiful! Such a lovely place to hang out :)

  6. Wish I could have coffee with all of you there! It's such a lovely, cozy spot. I am ALWAYS there :)


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