Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the chocolate room

A professor recently recommended that I reach out to his friend to speak at my entrepreneurship club... And he just so happens to be the owner/founder of The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn!!! Entrepreneurs always excite me, but I am particularly stoked to meet this guy. The concept of a room full of chocolate -- and nothing but chocolate -- sounds overwhelmingly wonderful...

After doing research, I found out that The Chocolate Room was named the 2009 Best Dessert Cafe in New York by Zagat. Um, that's quite an accomplishment! I can't wait to make a visit... their chocolate cake looks DEE-licious!

(photos from here and here)


  1. Omgosh, that's awesome, Helen! Oh man, a room full of chocolate?? Heavenly!;)


  2. Yet another add to my things to do when I (eventually) make it to NY!

  3. hello heaven!! this is a must go over the holidays!!

  4. That looks soooo delicious! I need to get back to NY!

  5. um, hello! can I come? haha. I have a serious chocolate cake craving now!


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