Friday, October 8, 2010

much love for nora ephron

Not to obsessively blog about successful, inspiring women (although honestly, there can never be too much talk about the subject!!) but I'd like to dedicate this post to a woman I adore, and that is Nora Ephron. There are so many reasons why I am completely in love with her, but I'll narrow them down to five...

1. She makes brilliant films that feature strong female characters. (Ephron directed Julie & Julia and wrote screenplays for When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle -- MY FAVORITES!!!)

2. She turned her personal heartbreak (husband cheating on her while 7 months pregnant) into a bestselling novel and film,
Heartburn. The best revenge is success, no?

3. Her recent book I Feel Bad About My Neck made me laugh so much, I bought it and cracked up even more the second time around... despite not being able to completely empathize on aging in my early twenties.

4. She spoke out against institutes that produce "docile and unadventurous women" -- including her own alma mater Wellesley. Bravo!

5. She gives the most riotously hilarious speeches. Best examples are her tributes to Meryl Streep and Mike Nichols on their AFI Lifetime Achievement awards:

Isn't she fantastic? Most of all, I just love that as a director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, journalist, author, and blogger, Ephron shows us we can really pursue all of our passions, that it can all be done. "It's nice to be fluent in more than one language," Ephron says, and I couldn't agree more. For more reasons why I love Nora Ephron, read her bio here and here.


  1. I want to read that book! Putting in on my list =)

  2. Not forgetting a guilty pleasure of mine, You've Got Mail!

  3. I remember watching an interview with Nora Ephron when the book first came out. I've been meaning to read it and completely forgot! Thank you for the reminder:) Hope ure enjoying the weekend, Helen!

  4. She's the best. I've read I Feel Bad About My Neck countless times now and have given copies to my mom, my aunt, my grammy, little sister, you name it! Every gal should read this book. xo


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