Monday, August 16, 2010

roberta by olivia palerma

Ahhhh! So, Olivia Palermo's jewelry collaboration designs just came out, and they are a total win! Wasn't a huge fan of her on The City, but I sure do love her bib necklaces. (Although I'd like them even better if they were edible! Ha! Like cake necklaces! (Note to self: Must stop being a fatass.))

Also a fan of her outfits on Vogue's "Today I'm Wearing..." blog. Lady's got style... but methinks she should eat more. ;)


  1. wow, this necklace is gorgeous! not a fan of her attitude either, but she's definitely got style!

  2. I know a girl who went to school with her, and from what I hear, the way she is on The City is the way she is. She's got the best style though, after dear Alexa of course. But agreed, how can she be from such a foodie city and not eat?!

  3. haha!! "Note to self: Must stop being a fatass." that's hilarious.

    I hate to admit it... but she does have great style!

  4. Lana, do you mean Alexa Chung? If so, I'd say that's definitely a tie! :)


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